“MVP provided solid advice and guidance through many milestones moments.”

Bayswater based materials handling company, Floveyor, specialises in providing a unique, beautifully designed aero-mechanical conveyor with distinctive capabilities, second to none in the industry. When the company was entering a transitional phase, CEO Rhys Walker was put in touch with MVP. “An acquaintance introduced us to MVP Financial, who we then rolled over our accounting requirements to,” he recalls, “MVP has helped Floveyor achieve a number of important outcomes over the last couple of years.”

Key among those achievements include acting in the capacity as a business advisor and business coach as Floveyor went through an organisational restructure, establishing and growing a sales team, establishing a management committee, formulating structured management reporting, reformulating Floveyor’s  business strategy and helping Floveyor refinance some of its banking requirements. “MVP has been extremely beneficial for us,” Rhys says. “They’ve provided solid business strategic advice and guidance during many milestone moments of the company, and helped provide an unbiased perspective that allowed Floveyor to make some tough decisions during our reorganisation, and business strategic transformation.” Rhys goes on to illustrate how MVP’s extensive experience and comprehensive range of services has benefitted the company. “We’ve been able to achieve outcomes a lot more efficiently and with less hassle than we’ve had to in the past.”


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