Bruce & Wendy Hawley, Clockwork Print


“We knew that MVP Financial wouldn’t be just run-of-the-mill accountants who became complacent over time. MVP Financial is very proactive.”

When Clockwork, a Perth-based printing firm with a wealth of specialist experience, brought in MVP Financial, it was because, from the beginning, they had demonstrated their proactive approach. “We went to them in the first place because they were freely offering suggestions and advice,” says Bruce Hawley, Owner and Director. “They proved themselves not to be just run-of-the-mill accountants who grow complacent – they’re very proactive.”

One of the most important key strategic outcomes MVP Financial was able to help Clockwork achieve was to reduce their total costs by over 30%. “They helped us realise that we were a bit top heavy,” Bruce recalls. “We had a lot of non-productive people in management roles that weren’t really contributing to the business.” Clockwork has been able to minimise their operating costs to such an extent that they’ve been able to keep their doors open during some difficult times for the printing industry. “For myself and my wife, as owners and directors, MVP Financial has helped us to look more closely at the business, strategically working ON it rather than IN it,” says Bruce. “We had been worried that if we didn’t have a General Manager who came from the print industry, we’d have problems, but in fact, we’ve been able to continue to trade and operate through some very difficult commercial times despite this. Some of our competitors have had to close their doors. But we’re still here, and we’ve retained 21 staff, and are looking forward to a positive 2017 with the ongoing support of MVP Financial.”


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