Lawrence Kirton, AgGrow Energy Resources

AgGrow Energy Resources

AgGrow Energy Resources (“AER”) is a technology integrator in the waste to energy and renewable bioenergy industry which delivers unique energy solutions to customers in remote areas. AER prides itself in dealing at a highly personal level with all of its partners and clients.

Recently we needed objective business advice and strategic facilitation to help AER position itself for development and our future engagement with equity investors and corporate business partners. Doug Verley and Rob Marusco hosted an intensive one-day business strategy workshop with our key shareholders, condensing our business offering into a comprehensive and succinct Business Strategy Positioning report. We have already successfully used this impressive document as a foundation for funding discussions both privately and with the Federal Government. We received Doug Verley’s undivided attention, intensive input and genuine commitment throughout the engagement process.

In this process, we were “blindsided” by a non-negotiable requirement to deliver a highly technical carbon life-cycle analysis of our entire project in less than a week. We appealed to MVP Financial, and Gavin Shearing (of MVP Financial) stepped up and delivered a magnificent piece of work which, quite frankly, exceeded all requirements and was extremely well-received by the Federal Government.

This experience typifies MVP Financial’s professional, no-nonsense commitment to getting the job done for its clients.


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