Susan Roberts

Associate (HR Specialist)

Susan Roberts

Susan is a qualified HR Manager, Dr of Education, Lecturer, E.A. and Freelance Journalist, who thrives on helping leaders and managers resolve their people-related challenges (and ‘pain’ points)  through discussion and problem solving. She is also contacted when staff numbers are growing and HR systems and policies are needed to facilitate compliance, performance and a smoother work flow, or when leaders want to re-examine their organisation’s structure, values and culture, or when they just want some advice and validation that they are doing the right thing. Sue loves the autonomy and flexibility that consulting offers, and the variety of people she meets along the way. In addition to work, Sue likes to read, walk, enjoys coffee and chats with her treasured pals, drink fine wine, eat good food, travel, potter and ‘shuffle’ papers while watching TV.

Please contact Sue if you are experiencing ‘pain’ with your people, you want an audit of current HR systems done, or you’d like to implement reliable HR practices in your business.


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