Andrew Jones

Associate, Investor Relations and Capital Markets Specialist

Andrew has over 12 years’ experience in the financial markets specialising in capital raising solutions as well as developing customised corporate strategies for clients. Andrew was also awarded the Best Corporate Advisor in 2016 from Acquisition International for leading the Aziana Ltd/BrainChip Inc merger through to a successful listing in September 2015. (

Andrew has worked with various stockbroking and capital firms in Perth and his main focus is providing corporate advice to ASX companies, however, due to the increased activity in the M&A sector he has been working with selected private companies to prepare them for a public listing on the ASX , whether that be a reverse takeover/backdoor listing or IPO. Services include:

  • Creating Information Memorandums (IM) and Presentations
  • Sourcing seed capital and Sophisticated Investors
  • Structuring the capital structure of a potential merger
  • Working with lawyers on various legal documents.
  • Sourcing ASX companies who are wanting to do a deal.
  • Raising capital for ASX companies.

Recent Transaction

  • Corporate Advisor  – BrainChip/Aziana merger (completed September 2015)
  • Raised over $1.5 million for BrainChip which included a convertible note and a prospectus raise.
  • Identified the potential of Peter’s technology very early and worked with him to secure his initial funding and then secured Aziana as a shell to complete the backdoor listing on the ASX.
  • He is focused on providing his clients with the ability to access a wide range of capital markets including equity and debt but also the framework to structure the next phase of the company’s growth. Andrew’s philosophy is that capital and financial markets need to be engaged all the time and not just when they need to raise funds or finance projects.

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