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Essential Tips to Handle Conflict in the Workplace

No matter who you are, or what your business specialises in, one thing is as certain as death and taxes – conflict in the workplace.

At some point in the life of your business, a conflict will arise, whether between peers, supervisor and team member, or client and staff member, if it happens very occasionally, it’s easy to ignore, and often is! However, when conflict is on-going and those involved become intractable in their views, business owner/managers need to step in and address the issue before productivity and relationships are irreparably affected.

This session is to teach you what forms conflict can take, likely effects on the business, and tips on how to handle and ‘recover’ from the conflicts in your business.

Special presenter, Susan Roberts, HR Specialist & MVP Associate, will provide you with insights and tips from her 10+ year career working in Human Resources.

Susan Roberts

Susan is a qualified HR Manager, Dr of Education, Lecturer, E.A. and Freelance Journalist, who thrives on helping leaders and managers resolve their people-related challenges (and ‘pain’ points) through discussion and problem-solving. She is also contacted when staff numbers are growing and HR systems and policies are needed to facilitate compliance, performance and a smoother workflow, or when leaders want to re-examine their organisation’s structure, values and culture, or when they just want some advice and validation that they are doing the right thing.

This will be an interactive workshop and will include a Q&A session with our HR expert at the end. This will give you the opportunity to walk away with answers to questions you have that are specific to your business and will provide you with practical solutions that can be implemented straight away. We aim to give you advice that not only looks good on paper but that actually works for you and your staff in the real world of business.

Afternoon tea will be provided.

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