Scam Warning – Scammers may be Impersonating Tax Agents

Scam Warning – Scammers may be Impersonating Tax Agents   In a recent twist in the ‘fake tax debt’ scam, we have received increasing reports of a new scam method where scammers impersonate registered agents to lend legitimacy to their phone call. The fraudsters do this by: coercing the victim into revealing their tax agent’s name, and initiating a three-way phone conversation between the scammer, the victim, and another scammer…  Read more

We have moved to NAB

We have moved to NAB We’ve moved banks!   We’re excited to announce that we recently moved banks, NAB is now our bank of choice. An updated payment gateway has been set up on the website and can be found in the ‘Client Area’ drop-down menu or can be accessed here: NAB Payment Page. If you have any questions about this change, do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy…  Read more

[Event] Build, Grow & Protect Your Business

[Event Update] Build, Grow & Protect Your Business Breakfast Thank-you to those who attended! It was an eventful morning at our recent breakfast event – Build, Grow & Protect Your Business. We had a full house at Flux Co-working Space on St Georges Terrace, an amazing venue. Thank you to all that attended; for those that missed out this time, not to worry, we are hosting many more events during…  Read more

What is succession planning all about?

What is succession planning all about? Succession planning is one of the more important safety nets for a business owner who wants to build their business with the end goal of selling their business for the maximum value, be it in one, five or 10 years’ time. Yet, as important as this is, many businesses fail to implement a successful exit strategy for their eventual transfer of ownership. The reality…  Read more

Boost Revenue with Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions are the Future of Business  Article written by Kelvin Smith, Director at MVP Financial   If you own a tablet or mobile phone but aren’t taking advantage of mobile sales tools, you’re missing out on the opportunity to shorten your sales cycle and boost your bottom line. From CRM apps to invoicing and payment technology, there’s a mobile solution for your small business that can make it easier…  Read more

Video – The Secrets to Tax Planning

Too often, we end up suffering because we have procrastinated and not made a positive decision to do something. If we all leave your tax planning until the end of May and early June, quite frankly there may not be enough time to do anything significant to legally reduce your tax. So, for 2017, our invitation to you is to start now with your tax planning. In the lead-up to…  Read more

Increase your profits with cloud accounting

How cloud accounting software can significantly increase your profits As experienced business accountants and Xero Gold Partners, we have seen time and time again how Cloud Accounting Software has helped our clients to significantly improve their finances, whilst saving them time and money. Unlike the clunky accounting software of the past, Xero Cloud Accounting Software is designed with the end user in mind.  It is user-friendly and easy to use.…  Read more

Is Your Business Showing ‘Symptoms’ Of Decline?

Is Your Business Showing ‘Symptoms’ Of Decline? It is vital that business owners and managers can distinguish between the symptoms of business decline and potential failure and the causes of decline and failure. If you think about this like a person who is not feeling well and experiencing a headache and high temperature. The headache and high temperature are not the causes of their ill-health but rather the symptoms, or…  Read more

“High-Risk” ATO Scam Email Hits Aussie Inboxes

We have been made aware of a “High-risk” ATO scam email that is currently being used right here in Perth.  We are passing on the warning not to click on “high-risk” Australian Taxation Office scam emails, which have hit inboxes across the country within the last 24 hours. Details of a large-scale malicious email impersonating the ATO have been revealed, with thousands of messages distributed nationwide – each with a unique link, making it…  Read more

9 reasons to switch to cloud computing

Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions. Check out the top 9 advantages for small businesses switching to cloud computing. 1. Save money Traditionally, a small business spends money licensing software or buying packages to install or download onto individual computers. Cloud computing, on the other hand, can provide ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) – including many programs that are available individually. They’re stored on a…  Read more

How Accounting Software Can Increase Profits

Most small business owners who use accounting software quickly master the basics. They automate processes like invoicing and payroll, track expenses and view real time financial reports to manage cash flow and make better business decisions. But what many business owners don’t take advantage of are key insights that can improve customer care and increase sales. Here are some smart ways you can use your accounting software to help boost…  Read more